Welcome. In the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy I believe that therapist and client create a space together in which the client can experience aspects of themselves that cannot be accessed in normal life. In this sense it is a special space, not like anything you will experience anywhere else.

Often just having the space to talk about what is going on inside you can be hugely liberating and transformative. Particularly in the beginning it is often the case that people feel ‘like a pressure cooker with the heat turned high’. I have found in my own therapy that just being able to talk about my experiences and explore them with someone else can bring great relief. I have also found that it helps a LOT if the person you are talking with is not responding in a judgemental way and is genuinely interested in your well-being.

I offer a ‘safe space’ for you to explore whatever is going on for you. It is of course a confidential space. I aim to support you in finding a sense of yourself and your own way of responding to the issues you are facing. I also hope to bring presence and creativity to the work.

Amongst the issues that people have brought to me are: Anxiety; Anger issues; Bereavement and struggling to adjust to major life events; Depression; Relationship difficulties or Isolation; Sexual issues. In many ways it doesn’t matter what the issue is that brings you to be exploring one of the talking therapies, the process itself can help. For more on how the process works see Getting Started.

I currently work in Exeter and Crediton, seeing clients on a short or long term basis, as the needs of each client suggests. See Fees & Contact for more details.

I work as part of my college’s Affordable Therapy Service. This service aims to provide high quality psychotherapy at relatively low cost from therapist who are in training towards UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)registration. It means that I am overseen by my college and I am in regular supervision at a frequency related to the number of clients that I see as stipulated by my college. The fees I charge are also limited by the service.

My Qualifications and Training

I am an Accredited member of the National Counselling Society (MNCS Accred). I am also in the advanced stages of training on a Post Graduate (Advanced) Gestalt Diploma in Psychotherapy. I am studying with the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership leading to registration with the UKCP. I adhere to the aims and values of the W.P.P. and the ethical principles of the UKCP as well as being a trainee member of the UKCP.

A View of Talking Therapy

I believe that there is something of a taboo around talking therapies. Somehow this practice is seen as something that makes you ‘less-than’ or ‘weak’ in some way. Yet I believe we are all fragmented and wounded in some way. There is, I believe, an idea that we need to hide that or feel shame about our broken-ness. I find this a very strange and harmful way of seeing ourselves. In my experience though, people who undertake this path often have an unusually high degree of courage. They are exploring things that many people would not dream of doing. It may be they feel that their suffering leaves them no choice, but on a profound level I see individuals moving on a journey with huge bravery and endeavour.


Gestalt is a German word which usually translates as ‘wholeness’. The founder of Gestalt therapy, Fritz Perls, was very influential in his writing and working in the 1940s and 50s. Over the years Perls’ influence has become balanced by a constant flow of ideas by contemporary practitioners and theorists.

The kind of Gestalt that I practice is focussed on the dialogue between two people in a room. That relationship is central to the success of the work and in my approach it is the beating heart of it too. Suddenly, during the process of working together, insight or new awareness can spring up, as though from nowhere. I do feel this is one of the wonderful mysteries of this work. However I also have a sense that these ‘Aha! moments’ are founded on the creative alliance – the trust and openness in the therapeutic relationship that fosters creative exploration. Read more about Gestalt on the How I Work page.