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If you want to make some change in your life – whether it be recovery from traumatic events in the past, or wanting more freedom and joy in your life than you are currently having, and are considering using psychotherapy or counselling to help with this, then I admire your courage for having taken the step to start looking for help to make that change. It can be difficult to reach out.


Often one can spend one’s whole time arguing with oneself, or going round in circles – like a stuck car with skidding wheels. It is often through a compassionate, non-judgmental ‘other’ that we get the reflection that we need, that meets us where we are – not where we think we should be – and which finally helps us get to grips with what is going on.


My counselling and psychotherapy sessions are based in both Crediton and Exeter, and are designed to help with many issues. Here are some people have brought to me in the past:

  • Anxiety

  • Anger issues

  • Addiction issues

  • Bereavement and struggling to adjust to major life events

  • Depression, low mood and low self esteem

  • Relationship difficulties or Isolation

  • Sexual issues


I also want to support you to take the next step. I work from Crediton on Tuesdays from a practice room very close to the railway station at EX17 3DD and Exeter on Wednesdays at The Haven Centre in Gandy st, EX4 3LS. We can set up an initial meeting with a view to working together to make the change that you want. We can discuss your needs and see if I am the right kind of therapy practitioner that you need, and whether you have the time and energy to give to the process.


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I feel a tremendous privilege in doing this work. I love to be with others in an authentic way; to listen, support and nurture the self-compassion that I believe is at the heart of emotional and psychological healing.


My primary approach is called Gestalt Psychotherapy – which is a very wholistic approach, aimed at meeting you here and now, as you are, in all your needs, colours and aspects. I also draw on many other approaches and from my own varied life experience. Read more on the How I Work page.


I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society. Click the video for more details:

For more on my qualifications, and other FAQ’s visit the Getting Started page.