Counselling For Depression

Help for depression?

When all things take on a dark hue and nothing one does seems worthwhile, it is difficult to see anything positively or clearly. Depression is often something we live with for long periods of time, often in cycles of ups and downs. There tends to be a belief that ‘there is something wrong with me’. We may not realise that we don’t have to live this way, that we can get to the roots of our depression and find healing. It is a sad irony that those suffering with depression may tend to believe this. For someone viewing the world this way there is no point by seeking counselling for depression, because one of their underlying beliefs (fed by the depression itself of course) may be that there is nothing that can possibly help them.

Dealing with Depression

If we are lucky we can see that we are prey to negative self-beliefs like this and that give us no rest, but even this may be difficult. There may be confusion between our inner selves. There may be the one who we expect ourselves to be; the one who is giving us such negative interpretations of what we are experiencing; the one who we want to be; and the one who we really are. The confusion can be part of a spiral of emotion (see also my blog on spiralling emotions involved in anger)

I like to see our task in counselling for depression as a journey into the depths of the soul. To be ready to face the darkest places. Or perhaps just to have a look in places we never thought to look before. When we experience the thing we were afraid of it’s often not as scary as the fear had told us. With the help of a therapist who cares about you and will stay with you through this journey, you can learn to separate out what is real and enduring from that which is like a negative message being repeatedly fed to you from within and reinforced from within. Steadily we can discover the real one who is observing the world.