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I work from a private practice room in Crediton and from The Haven in Exeter, where I offer long and short-term Counselling and Psychotherapy. My current practice days are:

Tuesdays and Wednesday(Exeter) and Thursdays(Crediton).

The Haven,
11 Gandhi St,
(To the left of Coolings wine bar)

My charges are regulated by the affordable therapy service of my college under whose auspices I currently work.

For a 50 minute counselling or psycotherapy session the standard charge is usually £40 with some negotiation possible for those with low incomes on a sliding scale down to £25. We can discuss this at our initial meeting. For the initial meeting I charge only £20.

If you are interested, I would suggest we set up a first session where we can talk about your needs and get a feel for how we might work together.

Please feel free to email or text me using the details below or via the contact form. If you wish, please feel free to give me a call so we can chat about what you need.

Phone: 07376 426039

Email: mhartgestalt@gmail.com