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I work from my practice in Crediton (Close to the square) and from Psychotherapy and Counselling in Exeter (PAC), where I offer long and short-term Counselling and Psychotherapy. My current practice days are:

Mondays – Crediton
Tuesdays – Exeter.
Wednesdays – Crediton.
Thursdays – Crediton
Fridays – Crediton

PAC Exeter, 3 Barnfield Crescent, Exeter EX1 1QT


Crediton Practice room EX17 2AJ


For a long time, I have been aware that people on very low incomes find regular therapy out of their reach. In this sense therapy can be seen as largely for the well-off.

I would like to do something about this, and am introducing a 3 tiered pricing structure to allow for at least some diversity of income amongst people seeking therapy.

My aim is to invite those on higher incomes to pay a higher rate, which will hopefully not create hardship for them, but make them feel good about helping those on lower incomes access much needed therapy. Each session paid at a higher rate will directly offset the fee of someone receiving therapy at a reduced rate.


Standard fee: £57 per session.

Equalising fee: £68-78 per session*. Please note there is no obligation to contribute beyond the standard fee. 

Concessionary fee: £45 per session.

I will not be ‘means testing’ anyone, this system will be based on honesty and trust.

* I have suggested a fee range here – the more that is paid at a higher rate, the greater number of concessionary places I will be able to offer. If the day comes that I have more fees being paid at the higher rate than reduced rate clients I will either change my advertising to let more people know I offer reduced rate sessions, or rethink this approach. Either way I think it will be a day to celebrate!

If you are interested, I would suggest we set up a first session where we can talk about your needs and get a feel for how we might work together.

Barnfield Crescent in Exeter

Please email or text me using the details below or via the contact form. If you wish, give me a call to talk at no cost about your needs.

Phone: 07376 426039

Email: mhartgestalt@gmail.com